Activities within and in the immediate area of Baan Wang Nam Keaw Lodge
Baan Wang Nam Keaw Lodge offers leisure and sport activities to help relieve stress and anxiety.Activities such as floor exercising, swimming and mountain biking are available within the premises of the resort.Apart from the aforementioned activities you can enjoy many other interesting things to do in the nearby areas.


    • - Watch gaur from the forest observatories or on the mountain
    • - Field trip to a grape orchard where you can buy fresh grape products from Thanyaporn Farms
    • - Field trips to anthurium flowers Holland species farm at Suchada Gardens
    • - Relaxation at Rumprapherng Reservoir
    • - Field trips to Royal Project's vegetable farm
    • - Field trips to Chrysanthemums garden at Vipha Gardens
    • - Sight seeing for sunset at
    • - Kang Hin Pherng Pha Chom Tawan
    • - Enjoy Making clay pottery at Dan Kwian


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